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Our Corporate Culture

Every employee contributes to an MPC culture that promotes an environment of inclusion and respect and enhances both individual and team performance.

Diversity & Inclusion Education

Continuing opportunities for training and education are provided and encouraged for employees at all levels. New employees are required to take two training courses during their first few months of employment that give them a solid grounding in the importance of diversity and inclusion at MPC. Other optional training is centered around topics such as diversity awareness and skills, team building, and diversity dimensions such as generational differences.

Mentoring Programs

The opportunity to participate in MPC’s mentoring programs helps to recruit and retain the best employees. Mentoring also contributes to professional and leadership development. Some programs pair new and experienced employees, and other programs offer job shadowing. Programs vary by location or within organizations to meet specific needs.

Diversity Teams

MPC has diversity teams representing a variety of business units and locations across the U.S. The teams assist the Diversity Office with implementing diversity strategy and addressing local needs through the engagement of both employees and MPC leadership.

Cultural Awareness Programs

MPC recognizes the value of a culturally competent workforce, where employees from all backgrounds can successfully work together. 

Various educational opportunities and events concentrate on increasing cultural awareness and appreciation. Programming includes five recognized History and Heritage Months:  Black History, Women’s History, Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage, Hispanic Heritage, and American Indian and Alaskan Native Heritage.

Since MPC’s customer base also includes a variety of cultures and people born outside the U.S., all employees and select business partners have access to an internal web-based tool that provides business protocol and cultural information on over 100 countries.